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1. Groundwater ordinarily flows into rivers and streams, which are lower. As groundwater is depleted (partially by the increase of atmospheric water vapor with increased heat) , the flow reverses and groundwater can become polluted. We need to preserve groundwater and to seek out pollution sources for removal. https://phys.org/news/2022-08-groundwater-tables-streams-rivers-seep.html

2. China’s carbon emissions fell 8% last quarter, driven partly by short-term exigencies but partly by their ambitious development of renewable energy. The record fall was the latest in “the longest sustained decline in recent history.” It is possible that China’s emissions have already peaked. However, the picture is still mixed as new coal is planned. A more integrated grid across provinces would ease the situation.   https://www.carbonbrief.org/analysis-chinas-co2-emissions-fall-by-record-8-in-second-quarter-of-2022/?utm_campaign=Carbon%20Brief%20Daily%20Briefing&utm_content=20220901&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Revue%20Daily

3. The Rocky Mountain Institute offers a three-part argument that the energy transition looks to be non-linear and quicker than anticipated. “We stand at the cusp of major change as growth turns to decline across the entire fossil fuel system.” (Conclusion, Peaking: Why Peaks Matter) The RMI argues for an S- curve as the appropriate model for the energy transition—not a new suggestion, but timely. The posing of a 5% variance as a sign of a major change is new to me.   https://rmi.org/peaking-the-series/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=spark&utm_content=spark&utm_campaign=2022_09_01&utm_term=button

4. DuPont is committing to using renewable energy in all its global operations. https://roboticsandautomationnews.com/2022/09/01/dupont-commits-to-using-renewable-energy-across-all-its-global-operations/54407/

5. DuPont has joined RE100, an industry group with over 370 members in over 175 global markets committed to achieving 100% renewable energy. Members include Apple, 3M, Barclay, Deloitte, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Hyundai, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Nike, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds, Swiss Re, Target, and American Express. The average target date is 2028, and the latest is 2050.    https://www.there100.org/

6. RE100 is associated with CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, which helps companies and cities disclose their environmental impact. Over 14,000 organizations made disclosures through CDP last year, representing over a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_Disclosure_Project

7. Resisting shareholder pressure to desist, and in spite of their pledges to reduce emissions in their own operations, big banks continue to finance fossil fuel projects. The Sierra Club is working to influence the banks to act responsibly. An editorial in the current issue of Science calls on the government to regulate—to halt—such investments, and to supervise the banks’ own emissions programs.  https://www.vox.com/23046282/banks-climate-shareholder-votes-fossil-fuels

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