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Mon Jan 1 12:16:35 EST 2024

The Swiss company NanoFLOWcell is locating its production facility near Chicago. They intend to develop an auto as well as stationary applications for its flow cell power system, which uses processed salt water and a proprietary substance for a power source which is nonflammable, cheap, has high energy density, is almost entirely recyclable, and lasts for a remarkably long time. https://cleantechnica.com/2023/12/31/new-flow-battery-electric-car-usa-ira/

Their planned two-seater, the QUANTiNO twenty-five, will have a range of 1200 miles before its two tanks need to be refilled. It will deliver enough power to take you to 60 in about 3 seconds, and is claimed to be constructed for safety. For a start, the cars they discuss will be built around a 25 or a 48 volt power system, not the hundreds of volts in today’s EVs.  https://www.nanoflowcell.com/research-development/application-research/mobility/quantino-twentyfive

The Clean Technica article makes the mistake of referring to the flow energy process as a battery, but it is refilled rather than recharged. Decentralized power of this sort may have the power to reshape our built environment, at least in my fantasies. Notice the humaN48 robot lurking at the bottom of the page, along with the hints about other applications. https://www.nanoflowcell.com/
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