[GWSG] Jacksonville begins planning for sea level rise

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Wed Feb 17 19:38:19 EST 2021

The City of Jacksonville is taking advantage of state support under the Adaptation Action Area program to begin planning for sea level rise. It has been a long road but is now a short and necessarily busy one. Regional news list members may be interested in attending one of the Zoom workshops between now and March 1. Out of region people may be interested to see how this coastal city of a million people begins to face the problem.
Regionally, planning has been underway for a couple of years in St. Augustine and Atlantic Beach, much smaller communities which have completed vulnerability studies, and by the NE Florida Regional Council, which some years ago organized a task force and drafted an action plan still largely unimplemented. Today’s meeting, the first organized by the Jacksonville Planning and Development Department, was a sign that Jacksonville's planners are taking their task seriously and beginning well.
Check out the interactive Community Room, the planners’ tool for conveying introductory information, linked on the following site. The planners’ initial project seems to be to publicize basic information and to build a sense of community on which to base action as we face increasing flooding and accelerating sea level rise.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j4dG5UDBisVJG_ZboUE5zbFGrxLflzkZ/view
I am sending this notice out early, before I have accumulated more items. to give people a chance to attend Friday’s online workshop if they choose.
Allen Tilley

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